Experience Salzburg on a Segway!

Tours start daily from April 1st until October 31st

Explore Salzburg on a Segway! Hop on a Segway and glide around our beautiful city: from sight to sight, cool and effortlessly you will pass by the word-famous Salzburg Cathedral, ride up to the impressive Fortress Hohensalzburg and cruise by the Salzburg Festival Halls in Hofstallgasse. Our Segways are perfect if you want to experience Salzburg! Take part in one of our popular Segway Sightseeing Tours! You will be accompanied by a tour guide who will show you both the famous and the hidden treasures our city has to offer.
"It was unbelievable! We just hopped on the Segways and off we went; around the entire city, so cool - and the best: no sweating and no aching feet!"

Riding a Segway is the perfect alternative to long and tiring foot walks which leave you completely worn out and dead-tired by the end of the day. So, save some energy during the day and make sure you can get the best of Salzburg’s nightlife, too! Riding a Segway is perfect to avoid crowded buses and being stuck behind a glass window – instead spend the day outside and glide around our world heritage city. Our self-balancing human transporters are allowed throughout the city, on all bike-lanes, in all pedestrian areas (except the most famous and busy shopping lane ’Getreidegasse‘) and of course on all streets, as well.

If you are looking to give someone a gift that is a little more exciting than a polka dot tie, we also offer gift certificates. And for the perfect event to offer your customers / employees – that would be us as well! The innovative Segway personal transporter is the perfect eye catcher and the fun factor is guaranteed. In case you want to plan a special event, just let us know and we will design an event especially suited to meet your ideas and needs. Our machines are in perfect condition and our staff will be pleased to make your wishes come true.

Hop on, don’t miss it!